Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Sultan Balloons is committed to capturing the imagination, attention and memories of our guests. Sultan Balloons invites you to view Cappadocia as you’ve never seen before!


Conditions Of Cancellation And Change

1- The balloon company has the right to cancel the flight in cases of:

the lack of reservation which is necessary for the tour, bad weather conditions, road barrier, strike, terror, possibility of war, unpredictable technical problems and such reasons that restrain the flight even if it takes necessary measures. In such cases, the amount of Money paid by the customer is paid back and the customer cannot claim any other rights.


2- The customer may request cancellation or change of flight date until 48 hours before the flight. The change request is evaluated upon availability, and needs to be confirmed by Sultan Balloons. If the flight is requested to be cancelled until 48hours before the flight, the amount of Money paid by the customer is paid back. İf not, a no-show policy is valid and the customer will be charged 100% of the payment.


3- The customer can transfer his/her rights of flight to another person until 48 hours before the flight. The assignee is responsible for the expenses arisen out of the dues amount or transfer with the assignor.


4- The customers with smelling, leaking, flammable, explosive or disturbing materials and the ones with sharp, keen objects, guns and pets cannot join flights, and will be refused to board by our staff / pilot.

5- All passengers are obliged to respect the COVID-19 obligations such as social distance, mouth masks and disinfecting hands before boarding. Passengers who have symptoms of illness such as fever or heavy coughing will be suspended from flying and boarding. Passengers who have a positive test result are not allowed to fly and need to put themselves in quarantine.

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